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30 min session $29

Let's sit down and explore your goals! Are you unsure if life coaching is for you? Contact me to receive life coaching homework before committing to a package. Discover your current goals by taking time to complete goal-oriented worksheets prior to meeting. Let's explore areas in your life you want to improve and become the best version of yourself.

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4-week life coaching agreement, one on one session.
$99 A WEEK *(offered one time)

As your self-care life coach, I will assist you with finding the time for yourself and becoming mindful in your self-care journey. I say, " It's time to grow mindfully." When working together we will begin to set goals by using tools and techniques that will break down your fears of change and I will help you explore ideas of personal growth and self-realization.
*Free Journal with this service.

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3-6 month Life Coaching agreement, one on one session
$79 A WEEK 

As your self-care life coach, we will build your confidence to make steps towards your new life. We will learn how to set boundaries, live a life of purpose and stop feeling guilty for taking time for yourself. Living in a fast-paced world, it's important we take time to be mindful. Maybe it's about living a more fulfilling lifestyle, finally running that 5k, tapping back into past enjoyments; like sports, arts, anything that will inspire your inner peace to create lasting change. You're not alone in this journey, it's scary to take new steps in life. I want to be your support to help you get there! Let's build a bridge to confidence and achievement, a transformation journey that you don't need to take alone. * Free journal with this service.

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